Hi guys, welcome to oh! ha ni blog. If you are familiar with Korean movies you would know were this name came from.

Thank you for following Oh! ha ni blog. Created not because i had nothing to do but because i have always felt the need to do something out of my usual comfort zone if you permit me to use that word. I have never really been a blogger but I have always created stories and imagined things in my head and I thought instead of allowing these things in my head waste why not just share with the world do something with it.

Oh! ha ni is meant to be a stress reliever a place where you can always go to after a hard days work, when feeling sad cause you know it will make you smile, so to that reason we won’t just have stories here but gossip, sports, entertainment, cooking tips, food recipes, health talks, relationship talks, general tips on life and so much more. Oh! ha ni blog promises to be loaded and fun visiting this blog will soon become a regular routine for you😉.

So I think I would end here and not bore you with Much talk feel free to let us know what you think about our post as you are part of the family, oh by the way no vulgar language thank you.

Without much delay let’s get this show on the road!


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